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Monday, 5 December 2011



Well Sunday morning ( 27/11) it was. 7am outside reception for our pick up to for the trip.I was shattered. I put my key in to reception and we departed. 
I won't bore you with the boring boat bits (I wasn't too ill this time but I did spend the journey outside)  Mollie and I met more friends. A young couple called Evelyn and Ricardo. They currently stay and work in Brisbane though he is Portuguese and Evelyn is from Belgium. A lovely couple and more friends to add to the Oz list. 
The trip we were on entailed a drop off on Hamilton island for a couple of hours. This island is very exclusive. It does have accommodation which any Joe Bloggs can book but it also has a 6* resort which is literally for the very wealthy and possibly even famous!! Well with my tv near miss that could have been me!!! Lol more about that later. 
People get around the island with wee golf buggies  its such a cool idea  i wanted to hire one but sadly i didn't have credit card or driving licence with me.  Bummer. Evelyn and Ricardo very graciously allowed us to tag along. It was brill. We stopped at a beach which I think was called Catseye Beach. You must google it, it's stunning. Anyway, there was no one in the water as it's stinger time! Such a shame having a gorgeous beach and not being able to get in without a stinger suit. But then these things are nasty. They could seriously impair your holiday. There was still a lagoon type area behind the pool which kids and adults were free to use. Mollie was in it in a flash. It was lovely and warm. Mollie is almost there with the swimming. She has already been told that the arm bands are not coming back to Scotland. 
Anyway, more touring of the island and lots of lovely pictures. It really is a stunning place. The water is crystal blue, the scenery is like nothing you could imagine with little islands off in the distance. One of those "pinch me" moments. I would love to think that I would return in a more independent manner in the future. 
Back to the harbour for 11.30 and the boat picks us up for our onward journey to Whitehaven Beach. This beach is one of the most photographed in Australia. The guy on the boat, as we were approaching the beach  gave us all the statistics about it but I can't remember any of them. I was busy looking for sharks in the water!! No seriously it's pretty stunning. Anyway, we boarded the tin tray (seriously it was a tin tray) to get us from the boat to the beach. We are then literally left to our own devices. I wanted to do some snorkelling so Evelyn & Ricardo were appointed chief sandcastle builders. Me and my smurf outfit headed into the water. Did I see any fishes? Not one smurfing fish! Hmm is that because there is something larger in the water?!!!! My mind doesn't half wander when in these Aussie shores.
Anyway, Mollie and I had a great afternoon on the beach. Lots of hilarity about what was lurking beneath (and smurf outfits)  A wee baby black tipped shark did make an appearance which was nice. Anyway, the return trip came round too quickly. I couldn't believe where we were and yet it had all come to an end so quickly. Another visit is definitely on the cards. 
Dropped off at the hotel just before 6pm. I had had less than 4hours sleep so i was struggling  As I entered the hotel I was approached by the young receptionist from Glasgow with a new room key!! A suite overlooking  the harbour with a jacuzzi bath! Why do people keep giving us these gorgeous rooms that we can hardly use?!!! I was informed that due to the trouble I had experienced the previous night they hoped that this would make up for it! 
The room was lovely. A stunning view and a jacuzzi bath. Mollie wanted to try the bath so I let her. We had a quick change into dresses and then downstairs for dinner. I had arranged to meet Ricardo and Evelyn downstairs in the resteraunt for a drink as it was our last night. They live in Brisbane and so were full of good ideas for accommodation and things to do. I had yet to book accommodation but that's not a problem. There is bound to be somewhere to stay!!!! 
Mollie and I had booked transport to the airport however we didn't expect the limousine that pulled up at the front the following day. Mollie was non plussed I may add. 
Before we knew it we were at the airport ready to head south.  We had been as far north as I was going to go on this trip and seen some spectacular sights. I am very relieved not to be driving back down. Funnily enough the Avis guy wasn't surprised when he heard about my change of heart. In fact he laughed and said "we get that alot up here!!" but I am quite sad to be leaving this part of Australia. Graham and I made it to Cairns and Port Douglas 4years ago and part of me wishes that I had organised that into this trip but maybe some places should just be left for memories? 
Anyway, I can't recommend north Queensland enough! It's been fab! 

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