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Thursday, 29 December 2011



Where were we? Oh yes. Remember that little thing about catching a plane to Adelaide? Well we nearly never made it! it's probably the only time I have been stressed as such on this whole trip so far. 
Despite being up in plenty of time, making it to the airport  initially with plenty of time I was still borderline for making the plane. A quick explanation. Car hire drop off point was a pain to find. Brisbane airport is undergoing major revamp, no doubt in time for some games or other they have just been awarded!!!! Then I realised tank wasn't full so a U turn to find the nearest garage. BIG mistake. It was 10 mins away. Right back to the car hire, dropped the car off, loaded myself with three bags (I have acquired another bag since Surfers!) a buggy a 4 year old and a shoulder bag. Then Mollie proceeds to cry. No, not cry - howl! Says she wants carried!!!!! It is 5.40 am, we have been up since 3am and check in closes in 5 minutes!!!!  I really didn't need it. I did think of lying on the ground and joining in but we would defo have missed our flight so I decided against it. Quick flutter of eyelashes to man behind car hire desk and we are sorted. He is carrying a bag, I have Mollie on a hip and I'm heading for check in. The old man directing people to check in desks who looks a bit like mr Burns in the Simpsons scowls at me when I say I'm on the Adelaide flight. We made it just. There was a man just behind me giving abuse to 'Mr Burns' That could have been me. It was like a scene from that Airport programme! Anyway, we made it and 3 and a half hours later we are landing in a very sunny Adelaide. 
Over the next few days we decorate my aunts Christmas trees which mollie thoroughly enjoys, we visit various coffee establishment to try the local brand of coffee. All are good! I try and fit some Christmas shopping in. My aunt drops me at a shopping mall called Westfield which is open till midnight on Thursday before Christmas and open ALL NIGHT the Friday before Christmas!!!!! Eh?! I am there on the Wednesday which is only open til 9pm though and it is already 7pm. I then have a full 2 hours of child free shopping. I last one hour. Forget it. I can't find anything and it is very warm. I  get a taxi back to the house. Never mind my aunt assures me that Rundle Mall will have everything and she should be able to arrange that for me by the end of the week. Cool. I'm waiting on a parcel arriving from the UK so even if it doesn't arrive I still have time to nip to the big toys r us in Rundle Mall to get the much sought after Sylvanian Family stuff that were nearly the only thing on Mollies Christmas list.

The parcel doesn't arrive and I find myself jumping on a tram on Friday afternoon at 1.30pm in 27 degrees to go in to Adelaide CBD to get the much wanted Sylvanian family stuff. Stress! The Toys R Us is closing down and it's chaos inside. I walk in and promptly walk out - it's way too nice to be doing Christmas shopping!!! Focus! I do eventually find some in a huge department store and I'm able to sort Mollie and other family members out. Good! Coffee then tram home. As I was going round the shops I could almost see people foaming at the mouth whilst shopping inside. And it was getting warmer. Does it feel like Christmas with all the decorations and Christmas music? Nope and I would have to be here a VERY long time before it ever did. When you are brought up with cold Christmases, that's how it is!! It does feel mighty weird - but I'm not complaining.

Saturday reaches 39 degrees which as I quickly discover is not good for doing much. Mollie starts to whine and get really tired so she is inside the cool lounge on the settee with a DVD and I try and brave it outside with my aunt but it is so warm that seats and tables become too hot to sit on or touch. Eeeeek! It could be too hot for Christmas. Anyway, what do Aussies do when it's too hot? Head for the beach. My cousin Greig arrived mid afternoon and so he took us down.  It was fab. The beach was soooo busy and there were so many people swimming. Lush

Christmas day; I can't believe it is here and we are spending it in Australia. Santa has been and found Mollie!! Tony (family friend) had arranged for santa to deliver a letter to mollie in australia saying he knew where she was and that she was at the top of his nice list as she has behaved so well. She   was delighted at this letter. She has asked me to read it a few times. We both had a lovely time with family. Mollie knows we are travelling  and she understands that money is going on other things at the moment but I do wish I could have given her more on Christmas morning. She did really well though. A couple of dresses, lots of girly pretty  things, a mini laptop oh and of course the Sylvanian Family stuff which lit her face up no end on Christmas morning. Well worth the stress. 

After breakfast the routine is (as long as it's dry & warm) down to the beach for a swim  so off we went. On Christmas morning we were on Glenelg beach swimming and the water was warm. Mollie had great fun with my cousin Greig jumping the waves and crashing into them by clinging on to his back. It was so nice to do and to see so many other people doing it too. There were many families coming down to the beach set for the day. Santa must have been busy on the cricket front as there were loads of  sets being played by the young and old. 

Back to my aunts for Christmas dinner which was a typical christmas dinner (except for the prawns on the barbie) with my cousin, his girlfriend and her family who are all out at the moment. It was a fab day and Mollie had loads of people to keep her entertained. I gave Mollie a dress as part of her pressy. It was white with red cherries over it and she decided to wear it for the day. She looked lovely. Very grown up. She is changing so fast.

Sadly Greig and Karen had to leave on Boxing Day so we waved them off (with a bag and buggy of mine) before heading out to a place called Henley for coffee. A very up and coming area. Beach of course! But it has a French Connection, Nine West and a couple of Australian designer shops. I managed to squeeze a run in later on in the day which felt good up until the return journey back to the house and the heat suddenly hit me. It must have still been around 24 degrees. Hmm lovely to walk in but blooming hard to run in. But nevertheless, a big part of the feel good factor. 

My aunt is heading to Melbourne for New Year to see Greig  and Karen so on the 27th Mollie and I are heading on again. We have had a very relaxing time in Somerton Park and I'm thrilled that we were able to spend Christmas with family. It makes a big difference. But time to hit the road again. though we get lots of down time in between it is very tiring unpacking and repacking a bag or two. I have tried to off load a few things and I have successfully but I seem to have acquired more!! 

Next destination couldn't be more different to Glenelg. Mollie and I are heading to a place called Mypolonga out by Murray Bridge. It's rural so can expect to be at least  2degrees hotter than Adelaide. Oh boy. 


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