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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

No Armbands Required - EVER!

I wrote this a few days ago whilst Mollie and I were in Broadbeach, Surfers Paradise but only now getting a chance to post it.
I just had to write today because it was one of those magical days that I don't want to forget but funnily enough also at the same point we normally are when I write - the bags are packed and we are ready to move on again :-(
On Wednesday we packed up and headed to Cleveland which is just outside of Brisbane to pick up a hire car. I booked a category C car which would be a Hyundai something or other but when I arrived I was given a category F car! A purple, Ford Falcon, 2 litres, dark purple with a wing on the back! Great! Just what I need for heading down to Surfers Paradise.
(In all fairness I'm not doing too badly with all of these upgrades)
I had decided to return to Montego Sands which we just loved before. I made the right decision. The days have been filled with a bit of Christmas shopping (my first Christmas shopping experience this year and it was relatively painless) walks along the beach, a trip to Sea World which was thanks to many friends who gave us gifts before we left. We also had lots of time playing in the many parks along the beach area and having fun.
Today we were meant to pack up and head to the airport but Brian our charming and kind manager told me about the Christmas concert being held tonight down at the park. There was to be singing, face painting and and fireworks. It was the face painting that swung it so quick call to car hire company and and we were sorted for another night. I am so glad we did.
We started off at the beach this morning but it was too windy and the sand was getting everywhere so back to the motel. Mollie was in the pool like a shot. She started out with one armband but quickly found the confidence again to throw it to the side. For the last wee while she has been doing 5 or 6 strokes and then stopping. Today was the day that she didn't stop. She started at one end of the pool and didn't stop until she reached the other. Yippeeeeeeee. I don't think my heart could have gotten any bigger. She is thrilled with herself  today and I am delighted for her and so so proud. I suspect had we been at home I wouldn't have seen this for probably another year, maybe more. She has been so determined and any opportunity she has had whether it was the sea or pool Mollie has been in it trying to swim. She is now like a wee fish and there will be no stopping her. By the end of the afternoon she was jumping in and swimming to the end of the pool. That's my girl :-)
The Christmas concert down at Kurrawa Surf Club yesterday was amazing. There was sooo much going on and it was all free. Mollie had her face painted as a butterfly, there was a clown wandering around cracking jokes and doing balloon shapes and the concert was magic. There were also girls from the local gymnastics club performing in a steel ring suspended about 9 feet off the ground. We didn't make the fireworks as sadly they were running late and by 8.30pm they still hadn't commenced and I still had a room to pack up and of course get to bed for the  drive up to the airport tomorrow morning *groan* But staying here for another night has all been worth it. Fantastic hosts and new friends,  a fab few days by the beach and of course that all important swimming achievement which I will forever remember and will be able to tell her in future years where exactly she learnt to swim :-)
This has been another area that I am sooo sad to leave BUT I definitely couldn't afford to live here - I checked lol! Apartments here go for anything from $600'000 upwards. Most of them are in the $1m range. Not on a teachers wage anyway!
I need my beauty sleep if we are to catch this plane tomorrow. Next stop, Adelaide. Oh and Christmas in the sun! How weird will that be? Hmm I wonder how that snow in the UK is doing lol

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