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Thursday, 10 November 2011


Before I write the next bit of this blog about Sydney I need to let you know where I am whilst I type this as I don't want to forget this moment ever! I am sat on the window seat in the lounge overlooking Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. For the last two hours I have watched the sun get higher ink the sky and the traffic build up ovr the bridge. I've watched the wee boats at circular quay come and go as they bring their commuters in from the outer districts of Sydney. The fitness fanatics are always on the go here. From the early morning cyclists to the runners - my goodness people run EVERYWHERE here! Sydney is constantly on the go. I am in awe of it's energy! But I am transfixed by the bridge and opera house and I don't know why but I could look at this view all day.

Wow!What can I say? Sydney has been absolutely spectacular and made even more so by the people we have met whilst here. Melbourne leg of our journey had gone well. I w due to meet a friend in Sydney and we were staying at a lovely hotel for a couple of nights, I was all set and looking forward to the next leg of our adventure. Hmm, not all went smoothly!

Sydney didn't get off to a great start. Mollie and I were booked to leave on the JetStar early afternoon flight which would have got us into Sydney for around 3pm and probably at hotel by 4pm. At 6pm the plane due to take us to Sydney landed in Melbourne. This was due to a culmination of JetStar not being able to crew the plane and horrific storms in Sydney that prevented them getting the plane to Melbourne. However, we had to tour Melbourne airport for 5 and a half hours! JetStar gave us 2 $10 meal tickets!!!! That's the equivalent of £15 to get a snack! A baguette as I discoved cost $11. one was not amused. Mollie did so well but she was just about at the end when JetStar eventually called us to the gate. We had a further 30mins befor they explained they were waiting on the plane arriving!!! This was not the end - were not landing anytime soon! Our pilot informed us that due to backlog of flights we would have to circle for 30minutes!!!! It was now 8pm. We had arrived at the airport at 11.30, wandered around for 6 hours, had minimal to eat (food really wasn't that great) and we were both tired. I just wanted to get to the hotel. I had text my friend several times during our meanderings in Melbourne airport but it was looking like we would miss each other as I would arrive too late before they flew out again :-( Grrrrr.9pm we were on the ground, bags in hand ready to grab a........what the??! The queue for the taxi rank stretched for miles. The storms in Sydney had knocked out the trains and buses wre running behind schedule so everyone had the same thought - taxi. The thing is the queue w made up of one and two persons who were heading to the same area but it would be too sensible to suggest doubling up or anything. Mollie and I had a nice chat with a doctor in the queue while we waited. She was back in Melbourne for exams to be a radiologist. Her bag was made up of 20books and 4 items of clothing but seeing as she was on limited time she laughed and said she could have fitted more books in instead of the clothes!
Eventually we got a taxi and got to the hotel. A very nice hotel which I had managed to hold out on late rooms and get a discount on lol! Anyway as we were waiting to be checked in Mollie decided it was a good time to play up and have a meltdown! In my eyes this was the worst time. Airport - yes, plane - yes, 5* hotel - NO! someone must have been looking after us as the very nice lady at the desk explained she had just upgraded us to a suite and she hoped we liked the room!!! Room?! It's a house!! There is no doubt that this place is just stunning. I tried to remain calm as the bell boy dropped our bags off. But to be honest 2bathrooms in the suite is pretty cool! I'll give you a quick tour. There is a hallway with lamp and table which is dutifully turned on by the tuck down service each night (note to self -don't leave underwear lying on floor in 5* establishments!) The hall leads into the lounge which has those to die for views. The harbour and opera house. The lounge with the plasma tv and DVD system leads on to the bedroom with the two double beds and more stunning views which have a double aspect. The suite is on the corner of the building hence the views. Then we have the bathroom with the double shower and bath which looks out over Sydney. The windows are floor to ceiling and allow you to watch Sydney with it's hustle and bustle as you relax in the bath. Lush! The other bathroom is back off the hallway. This place is stunning and I have enjoyed every minute.
Mollie is awake and so I need to get moving. There is still so much to say but it will have to wait for the moment.

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