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Friday, 11 November 2011

Sydney part 2

As soon as we arrived in Sydney I was immediately hit with memories of when I  was last here which was 4 years ago and with Graham. I looked out on to the Harbour Bridge on Tuesday evening remembering when I climbed the bridge and the walks round Sydney Opera House we did as a family. Good memories. 
I suspect it was because of the memories and partly because of the stunning views I found myself awake before 6 on Wednesday morning. I watched the sun coming up and shining over Sydney. Not a hint of the previous nights storm. I watched the roads getting busier and the traffic on the bridge increase and eventually grind to a halt. I suppose if you needed to do rush hour and sit in traffic for an hour or so there is no other place I would rather do it! 
I took in the views which were stunning. Even though there are numerous high rise buildings, it is extremely flat and full of water ways all mixed in with big boats and high end businesses. I can see why this place  attracts so many of the rich and famous. Everything is here; business, shops (drool, drool.......) beaches, surfing, views to die for. The lot, but it is soooo expensive. more about that later. 
I wanted to make the most of our visit here so I got Mollie up early for breakfast ( she was not impressed!) Our room was on level 33, we had to go down to level 30 for breakfast. The whole side of the hotel was an intimate dining area with views, naturally, out over the harbour. Breakfast was lush. Mollie got quite a bit of attention from the two attendants which she just loved. Anyway, breakfast done let's go!
I won't bore you with details but this is where we went. A walk down to the harbour naturally, along past circular quay, up to the opera house, round the opera house (24 degrees and rising) Onto the Choochoo train which took us round the botanical gardens. Saw the fruit bats and lots of lovely flowers and trees. Right, Mollie asking about Sydney aquarium so headed there. Thought it was a good idea to walk! (27 degrees and still rising) Stopped for lunch at a lovely indoor boutique type place $32 (ham sandwhich & a bagel!) later we are off to the aquarium. At this point I will give you a tip if you decide to come out this way. If your child is anywhere near 4years of age quickly agree a plan with your child that he/she is NOT YET 4! it will save you loads. Most prices seem to start at 4. There was one instance when I thought Mollie was going to insist that she was 4 but a few choccy buttons and the stubbornness was quashed. 
Aquarium was brill but I really didn't fancy walking all the back so we took a water taxi back which was brill. Once back at the hotel it was up to level 30 for soft drinks and cakes which they lay on every day. After 6 it becomes alcoholic beverages and canapés. Fab. Curse JetStar for making me miss this on Tuesday!! Oh quick dip in the hotel pool then showered and changed ready to go our for something to eat. In the evening time we headed back to Darling Harbour for something to eat. Everyone recommended it and I would go along with that. It's a buzzing type of place. Lots of atmosphere, loads of resteraunts, bars, ice cream...... We ended up at a pizza place (Mollie loves pizza!) They were delicious. However everything does seem to be a bit slower. Mollie did really well. It was well after 8 before she got her pizza. Taxi back to hotel around 10 in bed for just after whilst I sat on the window ledge again taking in the sights. Sydney all lit up is gorgeous. No other way to describe it. 
Thursday! Right let's go...........well maybe in a bit. Lol thought we would take things a bit slower. Headed down to the quay and happened to see the boat for Manly being advertised. Hmm that looks good. Let's do that! So we did. One return ticket (remember Mollie IS NOT 4 YET......)  to Manly. Gorgeous place with a superb beach on the ocean side (but it is a bit cold!) be prepared to pay through the nose for stuff. Lunch set me back 37 dollars! I couldn't do this everyday. We had fun though. Mollie was delighted to have some time on the beach. We haven't picked up a bucket & spade yet so that is on the cards before we head north. Back on the boat late afternoon just in time for.....drinks on level 30 :-) Drinks on level 30 turned out to be a wee bit longer due to the lovely people we met; Louise & Matt. She is from.......scottish borders. Her & husband now live in Perth WA. 
Too many late nights meant I wanted, nay needed an early night so we decided to eat in the hotel. Sadly this was a disappointment. My steak (yes steak!) was under cooked and so gad to wait longer. Meanwhile Mollie loved her(posh)  Fish & Chips and was eyeing up the puddings being dished out on the next table. By the time we finished it was well after 9 so a later than normal night. I sat and watched another night overlooking Sydney. 
This morning mollies comments as she woke up and came through to the lounge "you're not there AGAIN mummy. Ok at 4 years old it's a bit much to ask that she appreciates the scenery of the harbour but at least she will remember mummy being perched on the window ledge looking at two big structures.  

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