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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Kookaburra Life Saving Mission

I know I only blogged the other day about arriving in Coffs Harbour but today has been so funny that I had to mention it.
Mollie and I headed out and about this morning. Temperatures were quite quickly rising so after lunch time we decided to return to our accommodation and head for the pool. Once changed and when just about to jump into the pool I spotted a kookaburra bird in the corner of the pool on the steps. I was scared to look incase it wasn't still with us if you know what I mean. However, Mollie quickly informed me its eyes were still moving - phew! A towel in hand I managed to cover it and get it out of the pool. It did squawk at me. Eeeek now what do I do? It was soaked so we stuck it to the side to dry out. Just then two men, garden types were passing by so I coaxed them into coming to deal with it. Well did it notary out completely and make a full recovery and then disappear off into the skies a couple of hours later. Bliss.he was looking alot more teddy bear like when it disappeared so it must have been better.

I also had the opportunity of going for a run thi evening. Fiona watched Mollie for me whilst I did a quick jaunt down the hill and back up! I could smell all the flowers as I ran and hear all the birds. It was lovely and a very nice feeling. I tried to get back into running a couple of times back home but never had the same feeling I did tonight.

Night night

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