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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Here we go again

Hmm, remember those ideas I was talking about? Well, here we go. A little over 4 months of returning to Scotland Mollie and I find ourselves on the plane returning to Perth having made the decision I never thought I could or would take; to leave Scotland, to leave family and fab friends and take up a position in Perth WA. But what was the alternative? The alternative was returning to Scotland and trying to start afresh  in the area I moved to with Graham as a teenager and built our future together for nearly 16 years. Even after 6 months away,  upon returning I discovered that memories can still hurt and so the  alternative is not an option.  So how did it all happen?  About two  weeks before returning to Scotland I replied to an  email from a teaching agency which I had signed up for which had teaching positions advertised. I received a reply the following morning asking where was I and could I attend an interview? I had already planned two road trips; one to Margaret River and one to Exmouth.  So an interview was scheduled on the Monday before flying home Tuesday.  The position was working as a Teacher of the Deaf in two mainstream schools on the fringes of Perth.  As I flew home I was uncertain as to what would come out of the interview but felt confident that our future was back in Scotland with friends. On Friday 30th March I woke to an email offering me the position with a starting date of 6-8 weeks! There have been a few hiccups along the way even turning the position down after asking for more time which was denied.  That's when the 'alternative' sinks in and despite the love and support of friends I realise that the alternative would be harder to live than the complete unknown in another country. So here we are. On a one way ticket to Perth.  The past few weeks have been far from easy and many a time I wondered what on earth I was doing.  I wasn't enjoying my job at Lossie so that went. Once I had been freed up from that it made it easier to organise things. A list was made. Removal companies for quotes, start getting rid of items I didn't want to take, decide what to do with house, cancel direct debits, get rid os items that would be surplus in Oz etc etc  The house has been one of the hardest things to sort out. Trying to make decisions on something that is very emotional resulted in me changing my mind about Perth many a time. Our family home that was to be our forever family home, where we returned to after sneaking off to get married :-) where we brought mollie back to after being born. The decision I came to eventually was to sell but the current climate doesn't mean that my house will sell any time soon so it is now up for rent. It took me a while to reach that point. I felt ready to let the house go but it wasn't so keen to let go of me.   Towards the end, once the removal men had been in and taken all of my furniture I continued to stay in the house which I wish I hadn't. It didn't feel right and I really didn't like it.  So for the last week I have been saying goodbye to friends. The hardest thing in the world. Friends that I have come to rely on over the two years and who have done so much for us. It wasn't easy making the decision to leave them behind and start all over again. But new friends and new adventures await. Plus, I'm sure we will become a very popular holiday destination in the next few years with friends and family.

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