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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The End.........

The End..........

WOW!!!!! Can it be? Are you sure?

I tried unsuccessfully to try & round this up yesterday before we left but our last day i asked Mollie what she wanted to do. I actually gave her 2 options; the beach at Rockingham or the Armadale Lizard place. Lizards and snakes won which  didn't surprise me. I can't remember if I have mentioned this place before but it is pretty cool & only 15 minutes along the road. We have visited it in total 4 times including yesterday and I still haven't tired of it. Just as well it's only $15 to get in. Mollie isn't free!! We got a really nice surprise yesterday when we arrived. The staff know us because Mollie and I are always there for so long. Anyway, one member of staff, an older guy called Chris who volunteers two times a week, in fact most of the staff give up their own time. Firstly when we arrived I was told we didn't need to pay because we were Chris's friends (I put a donation in the box instead) and then Chris appeared with a book that he had been holding onto to give to Mollie. He said he'd been carrying it around for the best part of a month hoping that we would come back!! The book is 'Animals of Western Australia' including snakes and lizards of course. Mollie loves it and I was so touched by it. The book has his name in it. He was given it by someone special but I'm going to keep that to myself. He now thought Mollie would enjoy it.  Chris spent ages with Mollie and I pulling out another snake for Mollie to hold, I declined on this occasion. After feeding a few lizards some little baby boy chucks, grass to Zorro the pony and the three musketeer donkeys, patting Rebel the dingo and handling the snake we left. It was quite sad to think we wouldn't go back. 

It all feels a bit surreal now as I sit on the plane heading back. I know what Mollie and I have grown accustomed to over the last 6 months and its been good. We have thoroughly enjoyed the hot sunny days, discovering new an different places, revisiting old places with fond memories of Graham, swimming in the ocean and listening to the shrieks of cockatoos, Gullahs and lorikeets. I keep thinking of all the places we have been to and still feel quite amazed. Many an Australian has said to me that we have been to more places than many locals. The excursions we have been on including the Great Barrier Reef (Ningaloo I hate to say is better!!) Australia Zoo, The Whitsunday's and of course getting to watch Andy Murray play. The people we have met have been fab and no doubt have made the trip. It could have been a very lonely trip but instead Mollie and I have encountered nothing but generosity and genuine friendliness from everyone we have met.

I know I have changed over the last 6 months. A lot more determined and alot more confident. Some of my bounce is returning and I can see Mollie changing too because of it. I've enjoyed the time with her and showing her a stunning part of the world and watching her face on many occasion as she takes things in but on the other hand laughing as she appears non plussed upon seeing The Sydney Opera House from a very nice hotel suite or being in South Bank, Melbourne during the Australian Open. 

I'm ready to make some decisions about our future and what I think is best. I couldn't have done that before. I would be lying if I said I don't have a few ideas up my sleeve but you will just have to wait and see how they materialise, nothing set in stone yet.

I hope you have enjoyed your glimpse of Australia because you have been with us all the way round. I'll be well chuffed if you have lasted this long. I know there is lots that I haven't written down in here but I look forward to catching up and sharing it with you over a large glass of red or white (it has to be from Margaret River or Australian at the very least!) 

We have just under two hours flight time and then I have a car booked to make the final part back up north. Only a 3 hour drive north, that's not even Coffs Harbour to Surfers.......Hmm no surfer dudes either.

We've done it! 

"Pennie And Mollies Big Adventure" is now over.

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