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Friday, 28 October 2011


So much has happened!!!!
Singapore - Woweeeee! What a place. It never sleeps and all the images you see on television with people walking around with gadgets glued to ears/hands/mouth are true! The hotel was stunning and the sights even more so. Mollie had a superb time just as I did. Definitely heading back.
But now we have moved on to Melbourne. I didn't realise there was a three hour time difference although it might well have been 12. Mollie and I were floored. We were met by the family of the house we are staying in, Cheryl & Rick. Lovely people. They put on a dinner last night for Mollie and I and invited some family over. Mollie did really well to stay awake till 8pm but she was nearly falling asleep at the table so she went to bed. I lasted till around 10 but that was a struggle.
Today we awoke to blue skies and 19 degrees (which later climbed to 27) There were so many things I had to get to grips with today - but not until after a lovely, very long stroll along the beach. I stuck Mollie in a stroller, put some sun cream on and stuck some water in a bag and off we went. It was ace! The path stretched the whole length of the beach and the beach only had half a dozen people on it. Quite a few people out running,(I almost felt like a run myself!) a few swimming, though we never went in I knew from the screams coming from a couple of teenagers that it wasn't all that warm! We will maybe wait until Brisbane before jumping in to the sea!! We had a play on the beach and an ice cream. Deeee lish. Mollie looked the wee surfer babe :-)
Challenges for today; (don't laugh :-) getting to grips with money and shopping. Tick! It IS expensive. Noticeably so. Never mind, the neighbours have fig and lemon trees if we get really desperate. Phones. Tick Well not so much the phone but the codes and how to phone different states. And driving. EEEEEEEEEK! an automatic car in a really bust area and not a clue about where we are going. Hmm that might take a bit of work though I am supposed to e driving up to Brisbane so best get more experience in. On Monday Mollie and I are going to try and get the train into Melbourne and then have a wander round before (hopefully) heading back out the same way. Hmm, I may or may not find my way out. But it will be an adventure. Oh! Next week marks the start of some little event on the horse calendar called the Melbourne Cup :-) The whole of Melbourne grinds to a halt for a horse race AND it's a holiday. School kids, workers the lot - offski.
Well it is currently chucking with rain outside after an all mighty thunder storm. It could be Scotland - but it's not.
Feel free to get in touch. Thinking about you all
Pennie & Mollie

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