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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Better than snow

After nearly 24 hours of travelling we have arrived in Singapore. It's hot, muggy and really humid but it's better than snow! We arrived through he Singapore airport which was soooo easy. By the time we collected bags our driver was outside with a big card saying Mrs P Stewart/ Miss Mollie Stewart.
Upon leaving the airport the first thing that struck me were the huge buildings! Mollie did try and count the floors but we were travelling too fast. They are just enormous.
Our hotel is on an island called Sentosa. To get to it you have to drive over a bridge and past a HUGE freight shipping place. Enormous. When you reach this place its quite surreal to have the stunning grounds of the hotel and beach and then to see the water littered with huge freight ships.
Mollie and I were pretty much out for the count by 8.30pm on Saturday night but by 4am Sunday morning we were wide awake. I discovered that so were most of the other British travellers after speaking to some of them by the pool later on. How freaky is this; I met a guy & his family who had relocated to Mumbai from KIRKCALDY!! For those of you who don't know it's where I'm from.
I had a city tour booked for Sunday morning which seemed a really good idea at the time but once we had fallen back to sleep after our 4am wake up 7am was really hard to get up for but we did.
The city tour was really good. It took us round the best parts of Singapore and the tour guide explained the history of Singapore and why it works. Put it like this; anywhere where you get put to death in 24 hours for being in possession of a gun OR bullets is a place you don't want to muck about in. You can be fined $S10,000 for cutting a tree down! Crime is non existent and everywhere is sooo clean. I would highly recommend this place to anyone. ( dont bring chewing gum, cross the road at the wrong place or drop litter and you will be fine ) I have yet to experience Orchard Road - that's today :-) zoo tomorrow. Mollie doesn't know she is having breakfast with the monkeys! On the monkey side of things I was amused to see a sign on the bedroom door alerting us to keep our balcony door closed. Not for fear of robberies or any such thing. Nope. It was for fear of monkeys raiding your room! Nice to see the criminal laws don't apply to them!
Mollie with her blonde hair and curls has been receiving loads of attention. Lots of Asians want to have photos taken with her!!! It was funny to begin with but is unnerving and annoying so I've tried to prevent it. It will not be an issue when we move on to Melbourne so I just need to bear it for the moment.
Mollie i am beginning to discover is a great travelling companion she often has me in stitches. last night after having dinner out in Singapore (hotel nice but too expensive) said to me "we are lost mummy" After I tried to reassure her that we weren't lost I asked why she said it. She answered "we didn't come in this way or go past these shops!" I explained I had forgotten the quickest way back to our pick up point and wanted to see some of the sights. She wasn't convinced!
Anyway, we have another action packed day today and so I'm going to see if I can catch another hour or so sleep. This time zone thing will be cracked by Wednesday but then we will have to get used to Aussie time.But this is still better than snow!!!! Anyway, night night xxx

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